Steel effect ⌀19

Available lengths:

  • 160cm
  • 200cm
  • 240cm
  • 300cm

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The KARTEN Curtain Rod collection with Galvanic Coating is exceptionally resistant to mechanical damages and corrosion. A layer of varnish provides additional protection. Thanks to a wide selection of colours and finials you will find a perfect curtain rod which will suit your interior and give it an elegant look.

Other elements of curtain rod

KSENS Rura efekt stali fi19.jpg

Pipe ⌀19

015-00072 Kolko z zabka 30mm efekt stali

Wheel with a clip


Wheel with a safety pin


015-00027 Wspornik 19mm efekt stali poj5

Open single bracket

015-00031 Wspornik 19 19mm efekt stali p

Open double bracket

015-00035 Wspornik 19mm efekt stali sufi

Closed single bracket

015-00039 Wspornik 19 19mm efekt stali s

Closed double bracket

015-00043 Wspornik boczny19mm efekt stal

Side bracket

015-00076 Lacznik katowy 19mm efekt stal

Angle connector

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