PPHU KARTEN was established in 1990. We are a manufacturer of curtain rods and rails, internal roller blinds and accessories, which ensure complete window decoration. Our offer comprises of almost five thousand products. Throughout years of working together, we have expanded our business and now we sell our products in 10 European countries.

We have a modern machinery park and offer manufacturing services to other companies. The foundation of our work are innovation, flexibility, continuous development and creativity.

Sound workmanship and high quality of materials which we use have been awarded with the Best Polish Quality certificate (Najlepsza Polska Jakość). This honourable recognition is a recommendation of the European Quality Institute (Europejski Instytut Jakości) for the best entrepreneurs, institutions and retail outlets. This prize is particularly important to us because it is awarded not only by a group of experts but most of all opinions of our satisfied customers were taken into account.

Yours faithfully,

Wojciech Korytkowski

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